I came to Nicaragua expecting to feel like a stranger, expecting to feel uncomfortable; however, this trip and this experience have changed my expectations completely. I have seen the beauty of the country through the jungle. I have seen the culture in the people, the history in the cities, and I have seen it in the children at school. This whole life-changing experience would not have been possible without you. You have provided me with memories that will last a lifetime. Your story that you told us about your life inspired me in many ways. I have become a more open, compassionate, and thankful person because of the experience you have provided me. Thank you so much Gerald, and God bless you! I will always remember you and pray for you. Thank you for showing me that Nicaragua is not just a country, but that it is an amazing welcoming home.


Thank you for what you have given me this past week. You might not know that you have given me something but in fact, you have giving me insight into a world of humbleness. This humbleness has changed my outlook on life causing me to think more and do less calculated things; this insight has allowed me to become more mature throughout my life.


When you first started speaking over the microphone on the bus at the airport, I thought that you were just going to be a boring tour guide, who truly didn’t even give two craps about any of us. I couldn’t have been more wrong! You showed me care when I had the nosebleed and went out of your way to make sure I was going to be OK. You showed a deep knowledge of the country’s history, and made me realize the struggles that immigrants and refugees face. You truly cared about the well-being of the people of Niquinohomo and were the cornerstone of our group. Without you, everything on this trip would collapse.

Connor Kerl

Thank you for spending your time with us. Your amazing knowledge of history astounds me, I have no idea how you keep up with so many facts. Thank you for protecting us from bad food, I probably would have gotten amoebas without you. I also appreciate how you were always so polite and always laughed at own jokes.
Thank you for making the itinerary, especially, such an amazing one. The itinerary truly captured the “don’t be tourists” aspect of mission trips that Enrique talked about. Thank you for taking time out of your own schedule with your family to spend time with us. Thank you for making us feel comfortable in Nicaragua.

Andrew Pott